Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Her -21/09/2008

(final edit -30/06/2009)

I couldn’t begin to describe your smile,
Or how it feels when your eyes meet mine,
Your beauty builds an ache inside my sinuses,
Right there from squinting,
As my eyes try…

I have seen- and just stand stupefied.

Even in a photograph against a Himalayan sunrise,
Your glow captured, then eclipsed completely their beauty,
And a whole mountain range watched equally in awe of you,
As I was,
And I am,

And I ache.

You are like nothing ever seen,
Across mountains and forests,
Deserts and jungles,
From city to city,
Yours floats above a sea of lesser faces.

You are sunlight burning fires that consume sound out of the air,
A silent picture postcard sent from angels’ holidays,
Taken somewhere away beyond even heaven,
Far away, a portrait painted of the sheer, and absolute.
The end of all pictures, perfected,
You are the final concept,
The sight of you, a last wish by the world before it dies.

I have seen you,
And thought of my arms,
My hands that could hold….


…instead I am withheld,
And it pains me,
For not holding you,
That started there in my eyes,
Spread down to shoulders,
Sunken and then drowned,
As my breath comes hard.

For you I salt my own wounds,
Writing what I can’t describe,
I can offer up only these burn marks-
Even as this bittersweet searing,
Is still fresh,
I know you’re already becoming an old-wound.

I know you don’t want me,
Medusas opposite,
You look at me and I am stone turned tissue paper,
Like a statue becoming its own shadow on the ground,
Struggling for some shape in the dying light.

But you are brilliant,
Retinas burn from over-exposure to you,
You glow like a ghost on the back of my eyelids,
Some amazing grace,
I have seen,

I’ve found,
That I can’t look away,
I’m lost,
Because a mere blink robs-me-blind,
And hurts even more,
When that blinking takes me away,

From the sight of you.




1 comment:

Caff said...

Reading this makes me remember feeling like that.
You've really managed to express something that usually eludes adequate words usually.