Sunday, June 21, 2009

Break-Fast Time -23/07/2008


"Get ready little lady,

Hell's coming to breakfast."

-The Outlaw Josey Wales


Get ready little lady,

Because Hell’s comin’ to breakfast…

And lunch,

And dinner,

And desert,

And staying for whatever else he can get.

Hell’s comin’ to the dinner table,

Mad-as-hell hungry cunt,

He is gonna eat you out of house and home,

Hell coming to get fed,

Like he ain’t had food for four days,

Kick a chair out of place,

And sit on this,

To satiate appetites for culinary chaos servings.

It’s the stomach growling,


He’s marching down to his meal time,

Menu in hand,

He’ll bite off more than you can chew.

Swallow it whole,

He’ll devour it all,

And spit-the-pips.

Hell a hungry man,

With all you can eat signs,

Standing backwards in his eye sockets,

Table manners,

Like a belch in a boardroom,

So make room,

Little lady. and get ready,

Because Hell is coming,

...with one hell of an appetite.




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