Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Kobayashi Maru -(revised 24/03/2014)


"It is easy to be saint in Paradise,
but they,
do not live in Paradise."

-Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

before you say
anything else
let me say that
I want-
to like you

I would really like
to like you
and would love it to be
for the way you are

I want that

to believe what you say
about the things you believe
to see the good
like it's some place
that we can get to

with space enough
for our best interests mutual
not to compete

I want there to be a way
for your dogs to run around
the park
without worrying where food is
where the kids are
or what anybody's bite-force

sincerely now
I want to trust your sincerity
and I want to trust
I trust you

like the train timetable
or a boss with reassuring words
or a set of statistics
a Doctor's succinct explanation
a distractingly sexy walk
an arms-length rattle snake
I trust you as if
you are

a hippy's constant assertion
about how spirituality attuned
how positive
and how blissful
they are feeling

so go ahead and tell me
whatever it was
you wanted to tell me

about a person's attitude.


Yeah so I'm on some dual Star Trek and anti-hippy thing recently. Sue me. No, pray for me. Or just call me a dick.  Call it the diametric between what I see as real hope and fake optimism. Either way. 




Anonymous said...

haha! yes, fuck you michelle d, carrie h….. etc they're just too fucked up for words

Anonymous said...

further…… randall, not only do I like you but, I respect you. you speak the truth without compromising, are endearingly honest and beautifully eloquent. thank you

Anonymous said...

……and also, just today michelle dabrowski again proved just what a complete fool and truly 'lost soul' she really is. read her little "Self Abhyanga" ramblings (amongst countless others), then take a look at her profile pics, photos and videos she posts of herself. the constant and glaring discrepancies that seem to bypass the blinkered masses…...

Randall Stephens said...

Well, Carrie Hagan can mow my lawn and pay me five bucks an hour for the privilege. ON the other hand I have nothing whatsoever against Michelle Dabrowski, she gave me a gig at Slamalamadingdong and I had a great time. Obviously we have very different world outlooks.

For the record I wrote this in response to a conversation I had with someone at work, nothing to do with the affore mentioned people.

Randall Stephens said...

But hey, I appreciate your praise, I try to look at things unfettered, not the least myself.

Anonymous said...

haha, five bucks, don't sell your soul!

definitely didn't and wouldn't presume to know who it's about - not the point of writing. just took it for what it is and related it to a viewpoint.

slamalamadingdong - you only need to scratch the surface to see that much of so-called 'communities' is often anything but......

keep writing, your objectivity is refreshing