Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Payload -18/03/2014


"we train young men to drop fire on people,
but their commanders won't allow them to write 'FUCK'
on their airplanes because it's obscene."

-Apocalypse Now, by John Milius

I just did this really, really good impersonation
of myself
not crying

at work
on an outreach visit
with one of my mentally impaired clients
who showed me the awards and certificates
from his own disability work
before the community program
he was working for
got defunded in 2007

one was framed
signed by the mayor of Moreland
he points this out to me
in coming out slowly slurred words
how proud he was to be out
helping kids
who couldn't talk to their parents

until someone decided
the few thousand it took
each year
to keep this man working
was better not spent

he used to be a history teacher
it's either that or hording
why his room is stacked
with books about war

those who control our economy
are now spending billions
buying fighter planes
and locking up refugees
while this wonderful
fragile man
sit here rotting away
in an inner city rooming house

I hope he didn't notice
me choking up
though if he had asked me
what was wrong
I would have told him
the truth

that I was distracted
daydreaming about fighter-planes

imagined seeing them soar
over Canberra
dropping a hateful payload

on Parliament house.





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