Friday, March 21, 2014

Probable Cause -22/03/2014


there was a fire here

starting small
some still unknown catalyst
hidden somewhere amongst
his belongings
people came
to put it out

alarms rang
they all ran
it got big
and alive
and dangerous
and it wanted
everything it touched
and the experts
extinguished it
before things
could get worse

if they hadn't
it would've consumed
you and me
and this whole stinking place

but it's okay now
we're cleaning up now
the bins are filling now
no one hurt here
no one got burnt here

who knows what we would be doing now
what might have happened

everything is under control
we're safe and clean and calm
and very much out of danger

there was this fire here, man
I missed it
and maybe

it might have been something to see.




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