Monday, March 24, 2014

A Monday Morning Road Moment - 24/03/2014


until it thinks
until it goes
until it talks
until it can see
until it stops

until the entrance
the light
in a dark wet place
splitting headache
until you can hear
until it can hear
should sing
for it

until you feel it's warm
until you're turned on
until you're hands go down
until you make it weird
until you make it hard
until you feel it's shape
until you feel it's hate
until it all-almost makes

until you can smile at it
until you can laugh with it
until you can empty
with it

it has a name
you can say
until it knows your face
until you know
where it goes
when you can't see it
and you can't stop
thinking about it

until then
you're still not very good
at this
but if it makes you feel
it won't always
get to you

until that is
you go get some gloves
an' another cup of coffee
go deal with this

without me


Sequel-itis. Poem 2: the next other one. Returns. 

Actually no, this has nothing at all whatsoever to do with the last blog entry, and was written days before it, I just can't think of a title. Besides, every poem I write is a shitty sequel to the last one.



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