Saturday, December 4, 2010

They Were Just Taking You For a Ride -5/12/2010


Thanks to everyone who came along and made yesterday a success.

The place was packed the vibe positive, the show itself for Steve and I was the culmination of many (many many) tag-team and duo reading for a whole spectrum of crowds, with many expectations. It was great to be able to finish up strong, and on home turf.

Especially thanks to my friends Alex Scott for his camera/work and Oren Gerassi for sorting out the sound, and Baz Daly for his assistance there too.

In preparing and shaping the material, 80-85% of which was new for yesterday, I want to acknowledge the advice, support and generosity of spirit of Sam Zifchak, Amy Bodossian, Meaghan Bell, Laura Smith, Alex Scott, as well as my dear housemates Matt Juers and Chris Cheeken.

And of course, Mister Steven Smart ~ the man I can't kill.

You guys... while spending more money on yesterday than I made back, with friends like you I'm a very rich man indeed.

Excepting a quick trip to Wollongong and Sydney next week, that's it for Mr $ on stage for a while, at least in this country. Though I will now blog here most of the material I've was holding for this gig. Watch this space.

Have a good summer y'all, get lots of sunshine and smiles and hugs and look forward to next year as much as I am.

Dream awake. Make your life extraordinary.

-Randall $tephens,
December 5th 2010




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