Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Seat of My Pants – (HeadCase song #1) -30/12/2010


After being car-doored off my bike and into emergency the other day, Kim Lajoie and I have decided to mark the occasion by giving you a sneak preview of the musical project we’ve been working on for the last few months (which we’re tentatively calling HeadCase). One of our first completed songs is about cycling.
Click the link below to hear it:


switch blade
double back
switch back-back road
back burning turns styles
downhill thrill seek free for all
free style
a cross country off-roading rough customer

outer space
inner piecing it together
hold on hold on

shift the weight
take the fall
all you got

and pedal

damn you to hell
but just keep pedalling

keep on
keep pedalling

out of my way

sweat stained
bike lanes
car doors
breaks squeal
two wheels versus four
in urban wars
chain grease
bared teeth

swears blue sees red
red lights straight through
no stopping
no helmet fine
no bell prizes
but can’t


you no fuel
no rules
sweat venting road raging

out of my way
out of my way
get the fuck out of my way

damn you to hell

and I keep on pedalling.


This song is dedicated to every suburban aussie meat head piss-up collar-popping moron with a bad hair cut who hangs out of his car door yelling at us ‘oi why don’t you get a car mate'. This is for every taxi who doesn’t indicate or check their mirrors, for every idiot pedestrian on Swanston street who just walks out onto the road without looking.
For every commuter who can’t think their way out of the eight lane parking lot you turn the Eastern freeway into each morning, keeping yourself in debt while polluting the planet and sitting on your fat arse. Nice work.

This song is dedicated to the cyclists amongst us in this city who don’t take shit, who keep on pedalling. Who bunk this corrupt system by running red lights and refusing to acknowledge a system that doesn’t recognise, respect or protect their rights as vehicles on the road.

Motorist, I’m tired of asking you to look out for me (as above). So I don’t need your respect anymore, just your fear.


HeadCase is a project combining elements of poetry with a middle eastern and metal music flavour. It will decidedly more aggressive and dark than my poetry typically is.

Thank you Kim for letting put up this sneak peak, it’s nice to let people know what we’ve been building in there for the last 6 months.
For info on Kim's other musical projects, check out:

Stand by for more news on
HeadCase (or whatever we end up calling it) in mid 2011.



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