Saturday, December 18, 2010

Speaking Terms -19/12/2010


its all bull
and it's all china shops

it's tugging hard
on your own hair
to pull yourself
out of the swamp

it's a lack of better judgement
and jokes that can't be taken

it's always
them same old mistakes
and all-ways you take
lead back into rage

the hell you say
all a bit much
and it's more than enough
to make hands mash
against walls
right where you left them

it's a river cried
after the bed went dry
to drown out reasons
in a flood of feeling

it's like
pressure cooking
boiling over
the gas you left on
and now the gloves are off

come off it
just drop it
can't stop it

it's easier said than...

done blown off your toes
waving weapons around wildly
now limping around
but don't you
fucken tell me to calm down
who asked you anyway

too late
fucks sake
out my face
with that

that keeps happening

so fast
flew past
keep missing
the turn offs
and it just...

can't be helped

swinging from the fences
constantly on the offensive

your own worst enemy
saying can't we just be friends

it's all adding up

it's like alotta time
keeping your own company
when you fellas
haven't been getting on

for quite a while.




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