Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Night Shift -1/12/2010


Forty push ups at sunrise

forty more done four minutes later

four nights in a row now

forecast for a nice day

for whatever that’s worth.

Forgot when you last restocked your station

fourth customer in the last forty five minutes

fortunately a nod’s enough to greet them this late-early in the day

forlorn faces looking at mine for a loophole

for the love of god there are some fuckups foraging around out there

for the grace of god I do not go... there.

Four more small tabs ripped off milk from the fridge

four cups of coffee gone cold half drunk

foremost on your mind, is stay alert

four times you thought the boss was gonna bust you asleep

force of will now all that’s keeping you awake

but when will it be 9am already

for fucks fucken sake.



1 comment:

CJ Bowerbird said...

Nice Randall, I like it.

Did you know the Chinese word for four sounds like the word for death? It is bad luck. Perhaps you need to find a job where there are eight or nine cups of cold coffee.