Friday, December 24, 2010

How You Play The Game (re-edit) -24/12/2010


she seems interested

coming up to you at the bar
with an invitation
to play pool

doesn't care
when you tell her
you’re not great
at pool

she says
that’s fine
she’s happy
just to play

and so are you
and the game begins
and you like this game
and she likes this game

you have potted
three balls in a row

a fluke

more surprised than she
you try to explain
you’ve never done that
you aren't trying
to play

you were
just playing
like she said

your apologetic success
leaves her

after that game
she says
come find her again
maybe a bit later
back at the bar
she is going
to first play another round
with a friend

you are waiting
back at the bar

you have been waiting there
for a while
all the while
you will never
play a round of pool
so well

ever again




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