Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Presence -25/12/2010 (+a gift for you!)


(Christmas 2009)

it's like the fourth one of these
she hasn't been


but this year
since all other couples present
were arguing away incessant
my fifth wheel routine
didn't feel so bad
scratch that
it didn't feel so bad
because it's just not that bad
for this old hand
because the affection I need
is still there in family

if most days
the man in the mirror looks and can't place my face
forgets his real name
can't think without a drink in his hand
can't speak without a stage on which to stand
well I can
on this day
still and always
find my way back to belonging
where there is love
and home

and you know
religious festivites don't mean much
to an aethistic nhilistic cataclysmic
mysojyinstic simplistic
limp dick prick
like me
except for the time
I get to spend with my family

this year sees a new head at the table
seven months old
hair thinner than my fathers
voice louder than mine
eyes sharper than any
though all you have to do
to make her smile
is smile back

hope she never grows out of that

and I hope I never do either.


So the affore mentioned gift? Well it's a little last minute, but I have a few for you:

It's the though that counts. Hope you like them.

Merry Christmas



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Caff said...

I love the last bit about the new head at the table. Turns it all around at the end.

Cheers, Randall :P