Monday, December 6, 2010

Benny Russell -4/12/2010


You are the same as I am

you had a dream once
and still do

after a show
if only a single person
comes up and tells me
they liked what they heard
then I still dream

I still live
own myself
my life

what you call self-obsessed
I call self-possessed
so I come to you
from the other side of that line
to tell you
not to tell me
dreams don’t matter
don’t tell me you can’t do it
don’t tell me that you’re passed it
because you never mastered it

so you picked up a brush once
and found out in five minutes flat
you couldn’t paint a Picasso
straight off the bat
now you say to me you can’t draw

well, FUCK YOU

because that sentiment insults the rest of us
who have dreamed we are impossible things
guess what
waking dreams don’t come easy

so I come to you
from the other side of that line
to tell you it is possible
pursuing is living that dream
and if that’s as close as you ever get
you’ve gotten a lot further
in making the attempt
than just sitting there waiting for death

I have dreamt myself as an impossible thing
an unpractical man
never been published never won a slam
here I still stand

still itching to be sticking it to the man

dream yourself awake
write yourself sane
fuck yourself silly
read yourself full
run yourself empty

have yourself fun
doing it

fight for what you want
take what you need
work at it until it bleeds
until the struggle heads

until you are down on your knees

still chasing that dream

make your life more than a mediocre effort
because the only other thing
life will offer after all this
is a one way trip

ending in a permanent grave yard shift.


The penultimate piece from "Smarty and Randall Are Taking You For A Ride"



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