Sunday, April 3, 2011

Randall reviewing for RHUM at Melbourne Comedy Festival


Over the next fortnight I'll be doing a few reviews for shows at The Melbourne Comedy Festival, for a media website called RHUM (rabbit hole urban music). I did the same gig last year for these guys, and had a ball.

So between that and my current songwriting project, all poetry activities have been suspended in my constitution until this crisis is over. As the reviews are published I'll post entries here giving you a link to them. Meanwhile have a browse through these previous ones at your leisure, as well as last year's comedy festival, I've done the occasional film, theatre and music review for them too:

Randall's past reviews for RHUM

RHUM are great for giving you license to be as opinionated, biased and ballsy as you like, and writing some of these were a lot of fun.




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