Monday, March 28, 2011

Extra Vehicular -29/03/2011


late hour bike ride
through a quietly satisfied mind

quiet as I get
mindful as I am
satisfied as the shrug
that got me going
and that is gentle's going rate
'round here

keep coming back to myself
to keep coming back to this
that's why they call us

these circles I ride
run rings around
everything I got
there is more of me
than any turn
in my room or a mirror
or a mouth
could describe

this D-lock heart
eyes flashing my torchlight
my legwork like the cable stretch
like fenders rattling out my breath
it's high-time watermark of sweat
across my eyeline

two wheels length
into an asphalt carpet ride
atop waves of green light
daydream by night
pedals are turning into earphones
you use to listen in on
those moments

too much too fast to share
too near to get a good angle on
too perfect to be held for long

in these awkward handle-barred hands.





Anonymous said...

Lovely and introspective, great work Randall! :)

Anonymous said...