Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Place (Cape Reinga) -20/03/2011


The End.

Not a final destination
or the last day on your journey
but one of its definitive edges.

Northern most point
of New Zealand
as far as you go
before ocean
collides with sea
Maori believe this is the point
from where souls depart
to their ancestral homeland

it’s blue until the Earth turns away
behind you
cliffs are running back in all directions
leaving you
calm and alone

Peace is here
in it’s extreme
empty until deadly
like a desert
that makes you want for nothing
except stopping
or mountains that moved
moved you so far back into yourself
you had nothing left
for a return
for the outsiders world

Never been here before
but this place knows you too well
not a place you can stay
no welcomes
or unwelcome
coast that simply doesn’t care
about any wound up
mortal coiling
of your learning curves

This place takes from you
wandering lusts
all your inadequate things to say
filling up with silence
like you really want to listen
like the respect you’d show at a funeral

This isn’t about dying
but this monumental place
growing so big inside you
that the departure
strips you down like death
it depths in your distances
you don’t dare ignore

Whatever happens after
will inevitably
have to be fresh

wherever you go
from here on
has to be

A new beginning.




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