Saturday, March 12, 2011

Holes -13/03/2011


I came through you

ten fingers but under-towed
came back to sure
shaking out my back arch
chewing on my own jaw
sweating out my tear track
into the groove of a scar

came through
with that crooked line
tried burning you out my blood
for the leech you've been
angry mouthing out your holes into me
where I'd never had them
before sucking out excuses
and spitting out my inside
like mad

I had
to pull at these wounds
while you still covered my skin
had to salt the bloated feeds
off me
bleed myself free
from you

in a grimace
like a four year old's scraped bloody knees
on concrete
lips trembling back tears to give
they're mine and you can't have 'em
posturing like I'm straight-tall
to get over you

must remain
move on now
just sad


than all my best threats spent
and only dark spaces left
as I look up to the night sky

your holes
I fell into
but I have come through
and got back here





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