Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Irony -19/04/2011



is a bumper sticker
sporting an environmental slogan

on the back of a car.

it's the bicycle
being considered a greater danger
to people on the road

than a car.

it is people
who cite convenience and time
as their reason
for driving cars
who sit stuck in traffic

for hours.

it is believing
that rising amounts of carbon
in the air
causing damage
to the biosphere
is a political issue,
and the need
to address that change

considered an issue for debate.

is a country
full of people
who do the most per capita polluting
who stand to suffer the most
from its effects
who are then, also
the least willing
to do


about it.

Is a country
constituted mainly
of endless sun scorched deserts
whose economy
is inextricably linked to natural resources

deeming solar power too expensive

is people
who tell other people
to disregard science
without understanding it themselves
while transmitting their message
on digital signals

carried by satellites.

it’s the people
who cause the problem
denying the problem

its rich people
carrying more debt
paying massive interest to watch boring shows
in high definition

it’s a welfare system
that won’t help you if you’re homeless

you have a mailing address.

is a land stolen
from a seventy-thousand year old culture
where the invaders
who claimed that no one prior owned it
now try and justify

keeping others out of it.

Is invading other people’s countries
stealing their stuff
destroying their cities
their families
their culture
then daring to complain
when a few of these people

and turn up on your doorstep.

Irony is people
more ignorant of the past
the present
the world
the neighbours they have
the freedom and opportunities
they possess
ignorant of all this

when information access is free and limitless.

is a lonely all-consuming search
to find another

while surrounded by millions.

it’s portrayals of the sex act
touch, love and physical contact
on film
considered shameful and obscene,
while the portrayal
of people
shooting other people with guns

is somehow clean.

it's the way you use
violence or ignorance
to push people around
get whatever you want

then claim
those not doing the same
are dangerous

is you not listening to me
while saying
I better listen to you
the way you say
the most horrendous things
yet are so easily offended

how you instantly wind up
when anyone tells you to calm down
pro-life death penalty
censorshipped crucifixion
guardian of information
who has no idea

what to do with that information.

that generosity
Is often hardest to find
amongst those of us
who have the most to give

It is ironic
that those of us
who are best equipped
informed and financed
to make changes

to date, have not

is that you stand to gain much
by discarding a little that hurts you.

with the world waiting
for you,
urgently to

stop making excuses


start making changes


Okay, one last irony?...

I sat down to quickly blog this as a one-liner poem ('bout the bumper sticker), and two-point-something hours later it's become easily the longest thing I've written all year.



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