Sunday, April 10, 2011

Randall Telling Tales: Beer Time Stories @ Edinburgh Castle -24/10/2010


This goes back a few months, a series of afternoons held late last year at the Edinburgh Castle called Beer Time Stories, the theme for the afternoon was:

letters that got you in trouble.

The following is a six minute story about how Randall escaped the white collar world to become... Randall (more so)

or: click on this link if you can't see the video

I've always wanted to do just get up and try doing freestyle story telling. I was a little nervous and probably should have rehearsed-out all those umm and ahhs first, but it was fun, and gets me that one small step closer to being Henry Rollins.

Check out some of the other clips on their beer time stories channel. There are some great ones to be heard, each responding to the given theme differently.


Thanks to Leslie Morris and the crew of Beer Time Stories for inviting me along. Cheers guys!



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