Sunday, April 10, 2011

Asuka Langley Sohryu -11/04/2011


there was a dead mother in her scream
an absent father in her anger
fear of a touch
like a prickly skin
lunging at scars out her past
pricks jabs and stabs
covered up fierce
in the sharp of her voice
like the need for love

and the pain strains
the loss like
the spotlight
on an empty room
like eaten alive
in an eyeless rage blind
when no one her age
could get to her
in time

She attacked
at everything
fighting off angels
as enemies from heaven
til the end
of the world

said she hated everything
hated everyone
never helped herself
by letting others help her


and the more she lost
the more she needed to win
everything to prove
the worse she got
worse she needed
to be better
and better
than anyone else

she was covered in armour
thick red
she was in absolute terror

Asuka Sohryu Langley




a hug

from anyone else around her

but no one else around her
had a way
of giving her one

no one else around her
had a way
of taking the hurt

it takes

to hug such a red hedgehog.


Neon Genesis Evangelion. By prescription only, not to be used in combination with other medications. For external use only, if taken internally contact a health professional for advice.



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