Saturday, December 5, 2009

There's no I in team, but you'll find a 'me' -5/12/2009


We did it! You made it, and it all came off, with sound effects, 2 hecklers thoroughly cut down to size, and my Mum got a front row seat. Hot damn.

Thank you Everyone who came along supporting the gig, the place was packed, couldn't have asked for a better audience. Our work is the sound of trees falling in the woods (seriously, you see all the paper I had stacked behind the benches?), without you nothing is shared, nothing grows and I'm just not interested. Sincerely, we appreciate you gifting your time, and we worked our hardest to honour that.

An XXXL size thanks to Elizabeth 'Lish' Skec for putting me up and giving me a shot at the title, her ongoing support and enthusiasm in the weeks leading up helped spur me on to get bigger and better.

To the 6 performers who donated their time, their ideas and their formidable stage presence: Libby, Meaghan, Smarty, Eleanor, Alex and especially my non-poet friend Loki, thank you for signing up to do something a little different and for being such a pleasure to work with, you were all on the ball, and made it fun.

I caught a comment from someone suggesting this was all done because I was scared I couldn't hold the stage on my own (bitch, please), this is not worth mentioning on its own, but it did add an element to a question that has burning in my brain since Alex and I first duet back in early 2008... why don't more people give it a try?

It's my sincere hope that this performance will inspire other people to also work in colloborative poetics, and I'll just throw it out there that I'm open to helping out anyone wanting to do this, if you have any ideas for something. Seriously.

As for me, I'm taking a little break, so y'all might not see me around for the rest of the year, gonna be using my time to help Geoff Lemon with podcasts for the Wordplay website (as he'll tell ya, I'm way-way overdue on delivering this), then I start laying down music for the next album "This Is A Heavy Product". Keep an eye on the blog here for plenty more new and varied material on the way freely available for your reading pleasure.

My next big feature will be in February for Sospeso, planning something specific and 180-degrees different than this last one. Stay tuned. It's been a great year for me, and if you're reading this you had something to do with that.

Thanks again, be safe, happy, vital and vocal.


-Randall Stephens
December 5th, 2009


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