Monday, December 7, 2009

Like You –07/12/2009 (redux 10/12/09)


Had to hold my tongue,
Like it was a mop,
And the laundry was flooding.

I had to swallow,
Feel the grey shades completely eat,
The physical relief, when I got my own way.

I had to admit how silly this all was,
Having seen hate in the mirror,
Winking back.

Knocking me back.

I had to stop and think,
Had I ever been here before?

Felt that distance between us,
What each of us brought to the table,
Had to respect her for that.

Had to lie through my teeth,
Like there weren't enough life boats,
Suddenly I can't swim.

Had to whipe that stupid smirk,
Off my face,
Held back when told that mine were not the words,
Of a bad man.

Had to do what I had to do,
But that is not to say,

That I actually did,

Any of the above.





Revving the Engine said...

kicking yourself for being human?

Randall Stephens said...

Hard as I can...