Friday, December 18, 2009

Insubstantial -18/12/2009

Never understand the substance,
But I wouldn't worry,
We have brochures on how it's done,
Whole wall of 'em,
On addiction,
And deliverance,
At your service.

The horse you ride in on,
Comes and goes,
Saddled with harm,
To the minimum I might do,
To make self destruction safe.

Short sections of small talk,
That disintegrate on eye contact,
Or the sounds of automatic doors.

Looking for punch-lines wide enough to pierce through,
Judgements made in judgement calls,
Standing in the in-between of where each of us wants to be,
We counterpart each other,
Juror, Junkie,
Either assessment or sussing-it-out depending on who you talk to.

...I don't talk to anyone.

Easy, really,
Just sip my coffee and strain out another AM hour from my sleeping life,
From my social conscience,
From this someone's gotta do it cavalier,
To handing over the gear,
Saying seeya next time,
Or 'ave a good night,
Or something else equally as stupid.

Never understand the substance,
But I wouldn't worry,
There's a whole other three AM out there to do that for you,
There's a pulse of the hammering small hand clock,
A big room glass booth electric hum fluorescent foam cup next room over and over and over,
Each collection coming with a standard set of questions,
To fill the stats that drift across this landscape of faces,

That will do that worrying for me.


Formatting on this text editor has been an absolute bitch tonight, those are my problems.

The original title for this was "More Substantial Than Thou" or "Sharp Wit" (see... subtlety becomes a little less allusive as time goes on), who knows one of these days I might be confident enough to stop putting things in brackets (but I'd have to be sure it was clear enough).

So, not the first time I gone back on my vow not to write about work. I think it's okay for me morally, as long as I have an angle on it. Ultimately, I'm not trying to bum you out or pull any shit, in as much as I'm writing to deal with any guilt I have, for whatever grace my work provides people, I still basically make a living out of human misery.

-I started typing something longer but decided its a future poem... point is... fuck it, you're damned the minute you touch this stuff. ha ha (ha) -

Oh and "landscape of faces" is a famous quote about director Sergio Leone and how he cast/shot spaghetti Westerns.



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