Saturday, December 19, 2009

For a Hard Earned Thirst -20/12/2009 (edited 25/12)


Lost his job and the girlfriend dumped him,
They tell me at our table,
Friend-of-friend never met before tonight,
My intial wince becomes wow.

He's up buying beer at the bar,
A break from the pat-on-the-back parade,
I wanted to walk up and hug him,
Not in sympathy but revelry,
Because this reminds me...

Of times a little less listless,
Rubbing shoulder blades,
Against a backed-into corner,
My fear, fangs, and all my fuck you,
That power found,
Having no-choice but up,
And through, and out,
Tightly-packed baggage,
Ready for guilt trips on trails to life changes.

I want closer to that chaos,
When he comes back I wanna whisper...

My friend, now is your time!

Your cris-it-tunity keyhole into fissure-split lunar alignment time,
Your ubermanch overman overcoming coming at'chya live time,
Your chance at multiple choice lives less ordinary time,
Your beautiful revolutions per minute.

Stop smiling at their pale jokes about bad luck,
Drop the yoke you think think you're wearing,
Start glaring death in the face,
Shove him shoulder-ly saying,
I'm so ready for you,
Alive in the highest percentiles,
You'll never get me,
So come get me!

Our new recruit to the human potential,
Is returning to the table,
With an entire jug of beer,

With this jug we'll write off...
The bitch you're better of without,
The dead end job that was killing you softly.

Starting with this jug,
I'll impart my wisdom,
Celebrate, not commiserate,
The now,
Where your real living will be done,
Dangerous and stupid,
All-profoundly all-knowing,
Unknowingly learning and unlearning,
Stumble-rolling and searching,
Growing and finding,
Breaking the bindings,
Quenching our thirst.

Then I notice he only brought back one glass.