Sunday, November 29, 2009

Window Person -30/11/09


Muffled music and overheard conversation,
Fuels the paranoia.

All the posters are true,
Easy targets,
Phone calls never come when you want them to.
(I Left the window open)

Nobody smiles like that,
I should know,
I really should.

She was a poor mans imitation of Lauren Bacall,
But, shit, last I checked my wallet...

A bug with tiny wings just ricocheted of my arm,
Landed on its back and thrashed around helplessly,
trying to get the right side up.

When I looked over again he was gone.
(I left a window open),
I'm assuming it was a he.

...He had wings you know.

Did I already mention that?

Still remember her face though,
Had I can't sleep written all over it,
All soft shadows and saturated colour-eyes,
Wish she would have held still,
A little longer,
Wish I could have said,
A little more.

It won't be anything for a few hours,
You won't believe it.
(Left the fuckin' window open)

Have you looked around lately?

It's not a leading question.


Anyway, you can relax,

I think the bug's gone now.


(oh and look, gonna bug me if I don't make it explicate, the formatting is delibrate)



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