Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Faster -18/11/2009


Balmy night on streets that can be busy,
But have emptied for you,
Everything else left at the vanishing point,
Not a thought to hold,
Like early morning words,
At the tip of a pen.

The wind rides along with you,
Catching each message so quickly,
The safer the faster,
Your hearing chases them into an all clear,
Over the sound of ankles,
Passing kilograms of velocity,
Kilometres on memory,
Beholden at speed,
Tires eating,
White lines wobble,

Red for Green,
But everything runs and the lights can't stop us,
These are hours belonging only to your eyes,
Blurring past others darkened windows.
Are as far from sleep,
As a human-being,

Can be.


I hope you know who you are, and that these words find you well, I left them waiting here for you, my friend.



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