Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Small Talk -12/05/2010


So how you been?
What you been up to?

The polite thing
would have been
for me to reply

Instead I start into story~
the creative projects
the ideas grappled with
the never ending battles
on the social frontiers
the existential loneliness
the magnificent desolations
I have been and
I have been up to.

Just the same old shit?

find me excited just to still be breathing
and I’m talking to you
and I've offended you
not thinking my life is mundane,

I only know how
to hold up one end
of the conversation
at a time
all I can do is,
and get the ball rolling.

What can I tell you?

What I do know is,
there's more to your life
than juggling your yeah-fine and not-much
have thoughts
worth expressing as ideas
have experiences
both unique and universal
and all of it yours-all-yours
and any of it there-right-there,
ready for your to share.

What I don't know is,
how to get it out of you
don’t believe any silence of mine
could ever get you talking.

am not
and neither
are you.

So talk to me
tell this tall-poppy one of your tales
because I’m here
all ears and all the time you need
I’m sure I’d find your life

If only you would too.


Envisioned as a sequel to I Statements, this damn thing has been sitting around half-finished in my "stuff that's half-finished" folder for far too long, (yes, it was sparked by one or two real life incidents so I wanted to wait for that topicality to cool off), and meanwhile the idea here has been overtaken by another much larger thing on the same thing I've written last week, so here it is, for better or worse, but at least it's out the nest now, neglected no longer.



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