Monday, May 24, 2010

Light Switch -24/05/2010

"In darkness I can do no wrong."

-Henry Rollins, Get In The Van

I'd prefer
that the light stays off
while you're in here
with me.

While you're in here
you can hear my voice
you can have my time
but I can't give you a kind face
and it's better
that you don't properly see
what I have instead.

It's safer
not to see
the set of a chin
the curve of an unmovable mouth
the hours-bridged nose
the bone-thick brow
the stubbled expression
a flat, lined face
how little it blinks
the way its eyes
look back out
at you.

I've seen
what it looks like
in the mirror.

I've seen it
on a face that looked
just like yours.

Seen it
walk in
through that door
and back out

too many times.

Not kind
my kind
of face.

I'd prefer
that that light stays off
while you
are in here,

with me.




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