Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Write Stuff -17/05/2010


I write
then try letting it rest.

Then I write
about the rest of it.

I write
then try and sleep
when I don't write
I don't sleep-right

I write
when the words want out
I write
about the wrong way to go about it
I write
to hold it together
I write
to pull it all apart again
I write
to keep some things I want with me
I write
and the words will take it all away
I write,
when it's all I have left.

Someone else wrote
the world is what you make of it
and the writing of words
has now become my world.

has become
a meaning, to me
I don’t know

what that is going to mean, for me.


Here's the thing about-writing-about-writing:

"...It's hard to threaten an alcoholic that you will leave them,
how do you threaten someone who wakes up with a hangover everyday, that you're going to make them feel bad." -Sage Francis

(and it occurs to me now, it's also kind of like when a social worker tries to figure out what their own problems are)



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