Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tall Pop Culture -17/05/2010

This was never about me.

Or how many pegs
you thought I needed
taking down by.

How many inches
too tall
you thought
I was walking.

You were angry
at your own end
about everything else
you'd forgotten
how to get.

Years you had wasted
ears you could not reach
became your self-styled stigmata
for the martyr
who no longer matters.

Don't be hating
on the one not waiting
for external validating.

You shouldn't mistake
an easy target
for a soft target
because not every braggart
lacks the ability
to back it up.

You shouldn't confuse
a just cause
with a good reason
because you can't expose
without yourself getting

You shouldn't mistake
your attempts
at pulling others down
with efforts
to elevate yourself
and don't think
that those attempts
don't come without
some undertow.

You shouldn't mistake me
for someone you know,

that you'd rather be.



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