Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plan (be) -15.04.2010


There’s a scribbled note on the kitchen table.
and piles of boxes in the living room
There’s nothing left to agree about
a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes nobody’s doin’

There’s a mess not cleaned up,

There are speakers,
no longer with stands
and a shoe rack half empty
another book found that doesn’t belong to you
but it’s okay,

You can keep it.

There’s been nowhere to brush teeth
there’s been Hungry Jacks three nights in a row,
There’s been so much time was spent in the car
There are two cats caged on the back seat
who’ll never see one of their owners,
ever again.

There’s a clear plastic bag
with all the medicine packed
there’s a ring returned
never wanted back.

There are sunglasses to hide behind
while the story is told a hundred times,
there are dozens and dozens of friends
surprised that it came to an end,
yet confessing now little
they actually liked her.

There’s a phone beep every few minutes
there’s an inbox full of text messages not replied to
and there’s as many draft messages waiting to get easier
for themselves to finish
it’s like there’s an engagement party written in my diary
and everyone’s uninvited!

There’s all this talk
built on the ruins of plans
grand plans
(life plans)

...there’s a mess not cleaned up,

There’s a seven-year itch
hurting badder than a broken arm
that needs to be seen too soon as possible
there’s the freedom to scratch it

And finally
amidst all this,

There is me.


This is the fourth poem in the show of thwe same name, and I think it functions well as a stand alone poem also. Just got back from Goolwa, South Australia where I performed the entire show Plan (be) show for the first time, along with Steve Smart and Meaghan Bell. Inspite of a tough crowd and shitty timelsot we performed it fairly well I thought.



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