Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sobriety -14/04/2010


It's time to finally admit I have a problem.

I'm sitting here right now with a headache
seedy and dehydrated
yet angry and bitter.

I'm finding lately
that I've been leaning on it as a crutch
and doing it far too often.

I know
it's use as a social lubricant
is becoming more and more apparent
and increasingly ineffective
everytime I touch it
I end up making an arse of myself.

over the years
I've damaged friendships
destroyed more than one relationship
because of it.

I always go for the cheap and nasty stuff
it's a loathsome thing to get addicted to
I keep swearing black-and-blue
to my friends
that I'm going to quit
or at least reduce
the amounts I imbibe
but then give into social pressure
and tempation
so yet another night,

Like tonight

where I sink into bad company
let my ills get the better of me
despair and hopelessness takes hold
finding myself,

at another

poetry reading!


Yeah I used an exclamation in a poem. Fuck you.

Yes, you.



1 comment:

msdebbie said...

I understand this sentiment a little too well. Not really an angry person, but definitely understand the propensity for drinking too much! You have written it well.

And I say fuck you to anyone who does not like exclamation marks

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

All punctuation is our friend :)