Friday, May 15, 2015

to enter his house, justified - 17/05/2015


for all the same reasons
that cycling is dangerous
and driving is not

that we have peacekeeping forces
with guns and tanks

or that diet soft drink exists
along with
drive through bottle shops
and warnings to gamble responsibly

he is here
leaving his house
spinning against the way he drives
goes to a poetry reading tonight
to crowd out his own company
ignoring himself
in so many words
unwelcome and intrusive

for so long so much life, of his
has been in writing
scared he would be nothing without it
so he wanted to do without it

hoping passion and imagination
call him again
tell him why he’s here
or where he can go
to meet up with them

they have not

for the same reason
people still smoke cigarettes
outside hospital buildings

we contradict ourselves
we do this, very well
we are large and contain multitudes
of bad habits

works in progress that have not
progressed all that far
and we know why we’re here

someday we will figure out
better ways
around bad behaviours

not feeling that need
to tell the world about it
to be less impressive
to be more
less impressive

and he will be able

to enter his house, justified




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Question Everything ~ Nicki Bullock said...

I love these words. They resonate.