Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Donating my book sales to Nepal Region Earthquake Appeal, in May


It’s been very upsetting hearing the news about Nepal recently, the earthquake in late April is a huge scale tragedy hitting a country that, well, wasn't exactly flying-high in the first place, and now it’s been compounded by a second one. Thousands have died and many more are in desperate need. Below is a picture I took of some Nepalese kids, designed to tug at your heart strings.

When I was there in 2008, less than 3 percent of the country had access to running water, and there were daily blackouts of up to 6 hours to conserve power, to handle their crippling national debt.

Nepal is the country I’ve spent the longest amount of time in of all the places I’ve visited outside Australia.

It’s where I got my infamous safari hat from, an experience I wrote about in my first book, along with observations of the poverty and lack of infrastructure these wonderful people live with.

I’ve wanted to donate to the natural disaster relief, but haven’t has the means to do this until now, but I NEED YOUR HELP.

So, if you buy my above-mentioned book, (One For The Road) for the rest of the month I am donating that money to the Nepal region Earthquake Appeal.

You can purcahse the book with PayPal or credit card below:

If you don’t have a whole $15 to spare, already have the book, or want to cut out the middle-man and just donate straight to the Red Cross direct, here’s the updated link to their specific appeal:

The money raised will be used as following –

• provide first aid and ambulance services

• help families separated by the quake to find each other again

• provide safe drinking water and sanitation facilities

• offer emotional support to bereaved and traumatised people.

(or, or you can find a list of other charities here

The months I spent there were life-changing experience, eye opening I fell in love with the people, the culture, and the land. I owe Nepal, it’s that simple. Please help, and incidentally you’ll get a pretty good book in the process.

-Randall Stephens

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