Sunday, May 10, 2015

"One For The Road" my poetry book is back in print - NOW!


I'm tickled pink, pleased as punch, and happy as Larry to announce that my first published poetry collection 'One For The Road' is now back in print!

Launched in Melbourne last July, I toured the book across seven cities in Australia on my cycling trip, selling over 160 copies before running out of stock back in January.

One For The Road is a poetry collection representing work written over a 6 year period, focusing on travel and journey.

Featuring tales of hopeless crushes in strange places, communications breakdowns across language barriers, unrequited love and heartbreak in Paris, isolation at the airport, floods in Thailand, scams in Malaysia, wankers in Auckland, disillusionment in India, freaking out in the Sahara, and a stolen pith helmet in Nepal.

We go from exotic adventure to facing up the economic disparities in the world.

It's 22 individual stories on 60 pages, staple stitched with illustrations, all created and composed by the author.

Also there's elephants in it. It's pretty fucking good, seriously.

It's available now for $15.00, and you can grab one by ordering it from the sidebar (on the right hand side of your screen, if you're on a desktop computer) or from my bandcamp page:

You can use PayPal or credit card, or message me privately for an EFT-deal. I'll ship to anywhere in the world.

I'm pretty proud of this book, I know you'd enjoy reading it as much I'd enjoy having your money... uh, I mean, sharing it with you. Yeah.

Special thanks to the generous sponsorship of my friend Isabelle Rowan,
for helping to finance this fourth printing, and also thank you to everyone whose supported the book so far.



In reprinting 'One For The Road', I went back to the original manuscript for some minor formatting tweaks, in the...
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