Monday, May 11, 2015

Til I reach my highest ground - 12/05/2015


one day
there'll be nothing left of us
except spare USB cables
missed phone calls
half drunk cups of coffee cups
and television show recommendations
most of which you ignored
or didn't get around to

your story
shrinks in the telling
tense present, first person
it ends with you
no clear resolution

today I unpacked
haemophilia medicine
taken with me
for some set of emergencies
that never happened
on my grand adventure

don't know what the story is there

when not trying to figure out
what to do next
waste my time
looking at closed curtains
trying to figure out
what I have done
what's the story there

this poem
demands some resolution
I have no resolve to give it

you can makes stories
out of your life
but you can't make
your whole life
into a story

the end




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