Friday, September 27, 2013

Triggering -27/09/2013


they will talk to you about tolerance
and diversity and acceptance
and shit

to turn on you with a hare trigger
mob-moments remembering you
as a second hand sketch
layered only in your mistakes
by none of your favours
few of your apologies
and fewer of your reasons

they will hold themselves against you
so tight
you'll fuse with this
broken fractured their takes
on you and invert pride
after visibility
and with all they know how
they will make you tired
all over

and over again
and think anybody ever
who is good at this shit
or resorts to selling it on to kids
like a birthday party clown

ballooning out
and is it all too much
or is it not enough
are you big enough to write
for that small an audience

you're not good enough to quit
and too ornery for children
with nothing to teach anybody
except how-what not to do

so... are you
more than the shapes
they make to frame you
can you still be brilliant
without the shine of spotlight

can you do some good
without having to be the best
do you know the score
or do you just need one
are you out of ten
or will you go out of your mind
trying to figure it out

-side your self
is your entity
only as large as an identity
are nothing else just a preference
a collection around in passing
of a-genders and broken parts
apologising piece by piece
or are you...


all they can hold against you
is only how near they can get
to you
as you let them

how far you can go
will be as far as you're willing
to take it
and not

you are carrying with you




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