Thursday, September 5, 2013

This Election ( Randall Stephens' Very Earnest and Political and Topical List Poem, about the Election).txt -September 5th, 2013


this election, I'm voting for the other guy

this election
I'm voting against people I don't like
I mean besides you

I'm voting for the people
who aren't the people
I'm voting against

this election I'm voting for the party
I nominate on my voting form

this election I'm voting for
my twenty seventh birthday party
because it was the best

I'm voting for partying for my right to fight

this election I'm voting
for internet columnist Bob Chipman
he'd make a better Prime Minister
than anyone else I can think of
and he doesn't even live in Australia

this election, I believe in Harvey Dent

this election I'm voting for wake me
when this election's over

this election I'm voting for Australia
isn't Australia big enough to run for office?
all on it's own

I'm voting for The Greens
you looked at the alternatives?
who said it ain't easy being green?

this election
I'm all like fuck this election
and this election is all like no

this election I'm... fucken fuck
this fucking election
go eat your children
put a price on the sky
I'll wait here

this election
I'm voting for the burning car tyre
that rolled down the alley
nearly hitting me
during that demonstration
I got caught in
whilst in Kathmandu
back in 2008

...go tyre go!


(yes, leaving the .txt in the title was deliberate.)



1 comment:

Bonnee Crawford said...

I think this sums up how most people I know feel about the election.