Friday, September 20, 2013

Abbott the Death Dance, a Promise -21/09/2013


it's been two weeks Tony

shutting women out of power
tautologically mouthing
the curve of a viscous circle
when you talk of merit
two weeks Tony

clean energy closed down
to hand minor taxes extracted
back as tribute to mining moguls
two weeks Tony

using military force
against people fleeing violence
the idea that innocent people
don't need protecting
but protection from
just two bloody weeks Tony

angry as the mess you made
deathly watching
you swift as a sunrise
demolition what little
social gains
this country made
the last four decades

as my twenties drop away
the future's a real thing
with definable features
coming out of a mist
riding a hydrocarbon surplus
wider than two generations
of coral reef

two fucking weeks
making me glad again
I don't have any children
now for all the wrong reasons

someone picked me up
for calling you a cunt
even euphemistically see
people like
ticket inspectors
real estate agents
and police officers
those you can call cunts

but you're just a straight psychopath
hold the euphemism

back in April
I was repulsed by people
dancing in the street
after Thatcher's death
like that was poor taste
a little too much for me

I feel it, get it now
taking this personally
believe I will outlive you
if not this vicious chaos
you're visiting on me

and yes
Tony Abbott, two weeks in
no matter how longs it takes
today this promise I make
I will be dancing
out in the street

the day you die.




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