Monday, September 16, 2013

A Random Stampede -17/09/2013


The self-professed difficult genius
of Orson Wells
you saw on YouTube
his posthumously embarrassing
drunken outtakes
filming commercials.

The the interview
mere days before his death
in which he said he regretted
where he'd spent his energy
wishing he could be remembered
as a nice guy
knowing he wouldn't be.

The various different classes
of Federation starships
from both the twenty-third
and twenty-fourth centuries.

The year when tattoos stopped being hard.

The curly hair
of that chubby little
paedophiliac dude who used to
run that fantastic comic store
in Footscray
it was always quiet in there.

The number of people you spoke to
taking calls for Lifeline,
where their phone out.

The Mediterranean ghost town
you got lost in
when visiting Turkey.


The chill-cool smell
of a dark storm water drain
escaping a hot summers day.

The last conversation you had with your Father.

the really cool jacket you lost
not sure where
but probably in Newcastle.

How much you hate reggae music
and, very generally now,
the people who like it.

Black Sheep's album
'A Sheep in Wolfs Clothing'
and it's utter perfection.

the overuse of the word random
and more recently the phrase


things that bubble up
daydreaming while spending your day
folding letters and stamping envelopes.




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