Friday, May 24, 2013

Last -(revised 26/05/2013)


until they walk off
until the music stops
until the battery dies
the place shuts
and the breath mutters

until the empty wallet
until late until cold
until lights come up
and a candle goes out

until night shakes it's grip
on the hard high-ground
until huge with so-alone
until hands hit pockets
until mouth makes a fist
until eyes speak like teeth
until an empty cup slump
until the new stains growl
until old lies wash through

until the cannots and will-nots
swallowed hole and hitting bone
smashed until cracked up lips
until spent in hurt until
swelling up to bruises
until that proves it
across their contained faces
it crawls out until it goes

until it stops beating up
before breaking down again
until they fuck off
with their contained faces
until it's the last truth
until this is nothing but,
or just because
it's the only thing left to do

I'm staying here, until I find you




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