Sunday, April 14, 2013

Inner Piece -14/04/2013


you miss pieces of the person
not the whole person

you miss their eyes
more than their hair
the bottom of their ear
not so much their neck
the sound of their voice 
but only when they talked
through a smiling mouth

you remember lunches (together) fondly 
though dinners (out) were always a hassle
you miss Sunday night being with them
having left them for what they were like
come Monday

too old for blind sentimentality
seeing now that you can never
more than forty nine percent miss
what you half-heartedly held
when you had it

you made up the rest
in inner dialogue
lots of three dot eclipses
... to make it all fit

you have a bag with a broken zip
to hold all these perfect pieces
of an imperfect person
and no patience for puzzles

are missing a lot of pieces
of a complete person




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