Saturday, April 20, 2013

Skinned -21/04/2013


We wear a skin...

we wear a skin
of shamed breast feeders
of prescribed discomforts
branded by bottle-fed men
scared and stuck
behind their belief
in one size fits all figs leaves 

we wear a skin blemished
by advertised body types
that wraps us up so tight
our insides shrink
wrinkling into whatever shape 
best fits and matches
their price tags

bicycle riders wear a skin 
of lines marked unclearly
catching car door fractures
safety zone bruises left...

 those who would prefer
cyclists as a sight unseen

until this cycle breaks
we wear their lack of vision

dangerously invisible
against their traffic-

jammed billboard supermodel citizen
swallowing two dollar-a-litre
swill stationed wagon lines

there are no straight lines
anywhere on the human body

today we shed their skin
and all it's obtuse angles

our learning curve cycles
today we’re exposed
celebrating our bodies
all bodies actual
not just sexual

naked as our smiles
our cheeks, on seats

you can see me now"


The World Naked Bike Ride took place in Melbourne on March 3rd, this year. Sometimes it takes you a while to figure why it is you do what you do, after the fact, and how to correctly articulate that doing.

All photos taken by myself, hopefully they add more than distract from the flow. In selecting each it was hard to balance the titillation factor (whilst not completely shying away from, or hypocritically claiming to ignore it, either) with the more documentary side of just celebrating that we were all out there having a good time.



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