Wednesday, March 20, 2013

If You Can Hear This You're Too Close -21/03/2013


you can debate
what's on the page
ain't on the stage
in poetry
til you're blue in the face...

if your vehicle has no wheels
if your plane has no wings
your book has no pages
your speech no words

if your breakfast is at night
and your dinners done by morning
then what you have
with your meal
is a mislabelled palate

poems read aloud
should be poems designed
or re-designed, for reading aloud
just as a poem written on a page
(or a screen) better
reed       that               <-weigh

them poets mate
they debate the debate
they equivocate
on and on
on one hand
but on the other hand...
so bloody tired of hearing
the out-of-date pontificate
for fucks sake!

the page versus the stage
like the roof versus the walls
book better than the film

like saying shoes are better that socks
like dinner better than breakfast
like saying... nothing at all
like saying one hand
is better than the other
is only true when you mass-debate

somethings out there
simply don't need dissection
don't need to be compared
you might love your Mum
more than your Dad
and who cares?

you might like winter
better than summer
but those are at least both seasons
and so whatever your reasons
you  poets...

right it to be red
say it to be HEARD!
or both but cut the

because that
both reads, and sounds, absurd


Oh Randall but but but butt....yeah, shut up. I don't care. No, this is me shutting down the discussion (my involvement there in).

 It's not only boring, it's also completely baseless to compare two different types of things (ah ah I said types of things -not things). If you still wanna wave a flag for whatever corner you're in: go write some dry academic paper I won't read ,or some shouty-singing fucking slam poem I won't listen to. Don't care. Done. Go away.

Oh and apparently it's World Poetry day today. Go eat a stapler.



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