Monday, May 23, 2011

Three Bad Boys and a Microphone #2 -this Thursday 26/05/2011


Thursday... comes before Friday. As does the show "Three Bad Boys and a Microphone #2" ~ insecure masculinity at it's loudest and most puerile.

...or will it be?

... and is that a rhetorical question? or not? or is this one? ...and why am I asking you, either way?

I mean you'd think I'd really ought to know by now if I was one of the three features. And I am. Puerile. And loud. And insecure. But only masculine in relief with the weedy poets nancy-boys (and hey, get this, we're going to be at 'Bar Nancy'), that I usually hang out with, like say Steve Smart and Leigh Robertson, my co-features.

Uh, but they're good too, 'spose.

Maybe you're getting the impression I'm trying to offend you... (are getting the vibe of this gig yet? ~you idiot)

Anyway... I'll certainly see you there. Yeah?

Bar Nancy
61 High Street
$7 door

(you idiot)

-Randall $tephens
"a rock star poet with daddy issues"




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