Monday, May 30, 2011

Gay -30/05/2011



kids, please

can we stop saying things are gay
as a negative thing
so often?

stop saying things are gay
unless they are gay

if you tell me a movie is gay
how am I to know if we’re talking about
Brokeback Mountain
Transformers 2

Brokeback was definitely gay
and it was great
while Transformers 2
...well I didn’t know what the hell it was
but it probably wasn’t gay

and definately wasn't great


look, all I’m saying is
you’re messing with my language

don’t mess with me

or my language

I’m old and confused
and need my language to have its exactitude...
know what I mean?

my language is like an instrument,
can’t have gay-ness undefined hanging around my language,
or my instruments...
instruments maybe kinda, like tools...

and tools can be...

kind of...



what do you mean
everything is gay all of a sudden
your day at work was gay,
that film was gay (not that again!),
that dude was so gay
(okay well maybe he was, shit I dunno)

but I do know that not everything is gay
in fact
I’ve narrowed down the definition
to two things:

one- homosexual people,

and two-to be extremely happy

and think about it,
this may not be casual coincidence~

because men
who do not have to put up with women
and women
who do not have to put up with men

are much more likely

to be extremely happy.


(sorry Smarty)



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