Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Five Extraordinary Minutes with Randall $tephens" -a film by Bill Juers


A short film that my friend Bill Juers made leading up to the Under The Covers show we did last year. This was a lot of fun to make, Bill did a great job selecting and editing in the clips, and I'm delighted we can finally show people his hard work.

(if you can't see a picture window beneath this, click here to watch the video)

"An in-depth and revealing interview about the harsh realities of life as a performance poet, living in downtown Melbourne. Film-maker Bill Juers was privileged enough to be given nearly 5 minutes of Randall $tephens' time, shortly before one of his poetry performances in August 2010. Seen here for the first time speaking about his art, Mr $tephens holds nothing back in this almost uncomfortably honest expose. The struggles, the heartache, the burdens of vision and genius, the towering intellect, the spell checking, the humanity, oh, the humanity."


This was a lot of fun to make, infact the whole "Under The Covers" experience was fantastic, we'll definitely be doing another one in the future, maybe sometime in 2012.

Meanwhile I'd really like to get all of the poems from the night edited into their own full YouTube clips and up here for folks to see, there are 22 in all, but that may have to wait until later in the year when I'm back from touring.



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