Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Your Writing -9/04/2014


"Bad artists always admire each others work." -Oscar Wilde

it's a conceit to believe
you're writing just for yourself

it's a monumental cop out
to simply write
what you think
others want to hear

it's a fallacy to think
your writing
is simply too clever
for people to understand

it's a delusion to hope
your writing
ever finds it's audience

it's a mistake to want
your writing somehow
to become important

and it is a gift
of immeasurable value
if someone takes the time
to read
or listen
to you

if anyone of these above
is true, for you
they probably all are true

even what contradicts
all that can be said
with certainy
is that you are writing

that is the only
irrefutably good thing
you can do

...now, you are writing, aren't you?




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