Friday, April 18, 2014

Like my life is a metaphor for... -18/04/2014


wanted to make a metaphor
out of not making enough

like I had too little oil in the pot
that you could call black

like I didn't heat it up enough
even when I saw the smoke

like I'm not sitting here
crunching on kernels

like it's more than I can chew
like I shoulda coulda woulda
listened, before they hatched
I mean popped, oil and water
like I am what I'm not eating
half fool bowl now empty
now lonely now hungry
now all wounds salted
shakers and mistakes
wanting, so much this
to mean something
to someone, else

to make metaphors
out of this
though all I really did
not make enough popcorn

not much you can do with that.





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