Thursday, April 24, 2014

Were Great Up There -24/04/2014


Thanks for listening.

the only thing I can think to say
when someone comes up
to compliment me
after I do performance

it seems important to say that
and also mean it
also what else do you do

funny off stage though
nothing to say afterwards
nothing important
or particularly interesting

you want the pretty girls
to (want to) touch you
you're a net of exposed nerve
-ends and libido
or sick with anger, getting mad
that more people don't come up
to talk to you
you scowl like you know how to.

never occurs to you
that they are shy too
that you're intimidating
that they don't know
what to say to you

if I knew what to say
to people
I wouldn't write poetry

people wouldn't want to talk
to me, as much, I think
I offer remarkably little
as a person
except my opinion

there are some parts missing
from my personality now
that would make me
a better more caring
more sensitive person
but by the same token
their absence
doesn't bother me

the part that's shy of public speaking
and posing for photographs
and saying no to people
and saying yes

an interest and talent in talking a point
puts you in a funny position
people will want more of you
than there is, and get mad at you when they discover it's not there

Fuck you.
Fuck me.
Fuck them.
Fuck it, let's dance.

our four stages.

wearing a safari hat
used to be enough separation for me
from me

things caught up
people catch on
and you can't just be yourself
because you wouldn't be a fucking performance poet if you just be yourself
I forget these things
and repeat the cycle

later this year I will meet my idol
number one source
the most influential poet in my life
he is from Texas
we will do a gig together
in Sydney

I have spoken his words out loud
while looking at Mount Everest
the edge of the Algerian Sahara
and while falling out of the sky
from fifteen thousand feet

...and I will have nothing worthwhile to say to him

it will hurt a little, probably more everything worth saying between us
already got extracted from our lives
and used here

maybe I will just get a photo
with my new buddy instead
then I will go chase at pretty girls
give up, get drunk
think I'm famous
inside a very small room,

thanks for listening.





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